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Is it safe to use Envato Marketplace?

There has been a lot of discussion online recently about the Envato Marketplace.

It is a very popular website for WordPress themes, plugins, music, templates and other digital items. However the standards on the site are very low. The digital assets often include bugs, viruses or simply do not work. Envato has a vague refund policy which has left many people frustrated and feeling as though they have been ripped off with no refund, even if the product does not work.

What is your experience on the Envato Marketplace? Is it worth using or should it be avoided?



  • This company is not professional, they do not follow what is stated in the law and when it comes to refunding you they ignore your messages. I bought a theme it was very buggy and did not work correctly. The author agreed to issue the refund but Envato would not issue the refund. I sent numerous messages requesting the refund but they just ignored my messages and kept sending me messages asking if I was satisfied or not which I replied to. With no response from them I then opened a claim with paypal which they did not respond to so I got my refund. After I got my refund I messaged the company and told them that I wanted access to the other products they removed from my account which I had paid for. "Iris P messaged me saying with this message - "Your account is disabled because of a PayPal dispute that you've recently raised. Please note that once you've raised a dispute your Envato Market account will automatically be disabled as a security measure.

    Upon checking, I also notice that the author has approved your refund request. Hence, we provided Envato Credits on your account. We never received a request that you wanted it instead to be processed back to the original source of payment, which we would gladly assist you with.

    I hope that you'd be able to inform us beforehand if you wanted the refund to be processed back to your account so that we can avoid this kind of situation."

    I had sent numerous messages requesting the funds to be refunded to my account which they completely ignored to knowledge.

    When dealing with this company you should create multiple accounts with one purchase on it so if you need to dispute a purchase you will not loose the other products you purchased because they suspend your account and deny you access to the other products you have purchased from which they can not do as you have paid them for it. If you have multiple products under one account then you should put a chargeback on all the other products you have purchased and they have removed or dined you access to which means they have taken payment for something they have not provided you. As you no longer have access to the products you have purchased you can initiate chargback's to claim those funds back. Overall experience dealing with this company was -10 stars luckily I got my money back. I have written to them requesting access to my products and if they ignore my request then I always know I can address the matter with the bank and get my money back.

  • I purchased three products from Envato (Themeforest). Horrible quality coding, severely outdated and broke my entire site. Then it turns out that the "seller" is from India but falsely used someone else's address and profile for his seller account, who was from Germany. And the product itself seems an illegal ripoff of someone else's product.

    Support is non-existent with Envato. The whole company reminds you of a boiler room operation: zero support, risky products ripped off from someone else's designs, convoluted and difficult support process, opaque business promises. Just awful. If you open a claim with your bank or PayPal about the unacceptable quality product, they lock your entire account.

    I will never buy from this company ever again. Beware.

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