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How To Export My iPhone Contacts As CSV

edited October 2018 in Email

Whilst Apple does not support the export of the common excel file type (.csv) used by most services, there are ways around getting your contacts off the iPhone and synced with a service that is compatible with multiple platforms. Adding a contact to your iPhone will only save to your iPhone and can only be restored to another iPhone if you have iCloud activated or manually back them up. This makes it difficult for iPhone users to take their contacts with them if they wish to switch to another mobile device. But not impossible.

Export contacts from the iPhone as CSV

You can purchase this app for iPhone for $2.99 which will do the job:

You can also use paid Mac apps to export the Mac Address book contacts to CSV.

Export Address Book $3.99 by Stefan Keller -

Address Book to CSV $2 tp $4 By Fangcheng Yin -

Note: You can avoid this problem by not using Apple services to manage your contacts, Thexyz Mobile Sync, G Suite and Microsoft Exchange will overcome the problems of being locked into Apple. There are also multiple third party apps and services.


  • There is an iphone app called EaseUS MobiMover that helps the user to export contact in a CSV file format.

  • Backup iPhone contacts in CSV or vCard format
    Step 1: Open My Contacts Backup app.
    Step 2: If you want to export your contacts in CSV format, tap the settings icon and then change the export type to CSV from the default vCard.
    Step 3: Tap the Export button to backup all contacts first.

    Hope this helps!

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