HELP! How do I allow Snapchat to access my camera?

When I go into Snapchat, it says "Use your camera?" And I click yes and it directs me to the Snapchat settings on my phone but THERE IS NO BUTTON TO TURN ON THE CAMERA so I don't know why it directed me there! I also looked in my photos and camera settings but didn't find anything there either. I uninstalled Snapchat and reinstalled it but that didn't help! Please HELP ME! I don't want to lose my 65 day snapchat streak! 😭


  • just got to settings click on snapchat the privacy the allow

  • I deleted pics and apps in order to get more storage space. I powered off my phone and once I powered it back on it started back working. So I'm thinking the storage space has a lot to do with it .

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