I'm freaking out because my boyfriend snapchat score is going up like crazy fast how to calm down?

ok so we had an issue w snapchat bc he used to be snapping lots of girls and i didn't like it... he also would send 10 snaps a day on average bc I checked his score a lot and none of this pics were sent to me. one time I was like "whatever you send selfies to girls" and after that , he hasn't been snapping girls. I was still hurt by the whole thing so I started using snapchat in the past few days a lot to make him jealous. so my score went up like 50 points in two days. when I was at his house yesterday he wanted to look thru my phone so I'm thinking he might have noticed , and ever since then his score has gone up like 25 points today!!! and it just went up like 7 points now at midnight !!

I'm about to Freak out. I see him Thursday so I'm gonna ask to look at his phone and see if he's snapping girls ... but could he be doing it on purpose to get me mad???


  • I think both of you need sit down and talk... Plus its just snapchat... Don't make an APP come between u both..

  • or he might even be snapping girls again.. which is making me mad if he's snapping a girl at midnight .. :/

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