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Upgrading to use my own domain for email

I have been happily using thexyz email for the past 6 years. I recently noticed that there are more features available if I switch to using my own domain for email.

Can you let me know if registering my domain is the best way to gain access to these additional features.



  • Hello and thank you for your question.

    You are right in noticing that email users with their own domain do gain access to more features than user who use one of our email domains. Much of the reasons to using your own domain are routed through increased privacy.

    I will also mention a few other benefits to using an email account with your own domain.

    Data Portability

    This term became known during the implementation of the GDPR legislation that was introduced in May of 2018. This allows you to take your data from any provider and easily migrate it to another provider. We provide an easy way to migrate to and from our hosted email system. By using your own domain name for your email account, ensures that your email address will not need to change. Therefore allowing you to achieve full data portability.

    Increase Spam Controls

    Using your own domain also allows you to control DKIM, SPF and DMARC policies. By default these are enabled on all our hosted email domains. With your own domain, you can further fine tune these settings to suit.

    There is also a domain wide blacklist and safe list that can be enabled with your own domain.

    Unlimited Aliases

    Using your own domain you can enjoy use of free unlimited email aliases. This will save you money on your bill as generic email handles may not need to be created. Simply create handles such as info@, support@, sales@, webmaster@ etc as email aliases and forward mail to an existing email user.

    Group Lists

    We have recently made a number of improvements to our Group List features. The Group List feature is only available to users with their own email domain. Setup a email Group Lists and save time emailing groups of people. It also helps ensure users privacy is protected by not showing the recipients email addresses.


    Looking to sync your email contacts or calendar with a mobile device or compatible software? You now need your own domain to upgrade to MobileSync.

    Cloud Drive

    Email users with their own domain can also add a 30GB cloud drive to sync up documents or files from a computer of mobile device.


    There are plenty of benefits to using mail with your own domain. You can also register or transfer your domain to Thexyz so it is easily managed within the same control panel. There are no confusing, fluctuating renewal costs with Thexyz. Check out our domain pricing and see how much you can save.

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