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Outlook 2016 AutoCorrect Options Greyed Out

edited February 2019 in Server Management

I have recently come across an issue in Outlook where users seem unable to to toggle the check box for AutoCorrect or Spell Check options in Outlook (a feature to correct typos or misspelled words text as you type). At first I thought that perhaps this was a permission problem. It turns out it was actually an issue with running a different version of Outlook to the version of Office installed on the computer. As email users with Thexyz can download the latest version of Outlook as per Exchange licensing agreements, a user will often update Outlook more often than the Office suite.

So far I have seen instances mostly running Outlook 2016 with other Office apps from 2013 or 2010.

The Solution

For both Spell Check and AutoCorrect, Outlook is dependent upon Word and it looks for a Microsoft Word file called WinWord.exe in the folder where it is installed. You may just need to copy this file into the Outlook install folder as per steps below:

  1. Open Microsoft Word and Outlook
  2. Right click on Windows Start menu and select Task Manager > Go to Processes tab > Right click on Outlook.exe and Open File Location
  3. Do the same for WinWord.exe also and Open File Location
  4. Copy WinWord.exe from Word folder to Outlook.exe folder and restart Outlook.


  • Thanks for this; it worked 100pc the first time. Cheers

  • You're welcome.

    Glad it helped.

  • I found the same problem occurred after setting up Office 365 on Microsoft Outlook. All of a sudden the spelling checker stopped automatically correcting spelling mistakes.

    Thanks to you for writing this post so I can finally solve this. :)

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