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Looking to Gmail/Microsoft email alternative

edited November 2017 in Email

Hi Folks,
I'm an IT Consultant with 30+ years in the industry.
I've been looking for a 'secure' E-Mail service for a while to get away from G-Mail, Yahoo and Live.

Even with Paid subscriptions; I don't like the Ads, the Support and the fact I KNOW they're reading and harvesting information.

I also don't like the Huge number of 'Hacks' that are mysteriously occurring recently at all three providers- especially those sending 'spam' links from Saudi Arabia.

I've basically used my E-Mail as a sort of 'cloud' storage for important information "from the beginning"- many, many years.

I was looking for a Web-Hosting service also. Mostly, because I wanted some kind of secure E-Mail. And, maybe to put up a/some Web Sites for myself, possibly with a database, maybe a shopping cart.

But, the Web Site is secondary to my immediate E-Mail need.

I just 'stumbled' across your company looking through various searches on 'secure' type E-Mail Web searches.

What I find attractive is that is 'sounds like' you're offering a more secure E-Mail product that I can use with a Web client AND(?) Outlook?

And, it sounds like you're saying "secure, no-ads, UNLIMITED Backup Retention"???

Also, it sounded like you could take 10+ years of E-Mails and import them and their attachments into your system completely?


  • Thanks for contacting us.

    You are correct that our email platform is highly secure, we have full SSL encryption on incoming and outgoing email. You can use the webmail or Outlook, we even include a license to Outlook 2013/2016 with all accounts at Thexyz. There are no ads in the webmail and we have unlimited backup storage of all incoming and outgoing email for accounts with the ‘Archive’ upgrade only. This is FISMA compliant and stored at a separate location to where the main mailbox is hosted.

    You might be interested to read this blog post on data privacy:

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

  • Great, thanks

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